Ukrainian Institute for Direct Democracy


Goal 1

Ukrainians have the right to regain the power usurped by oligarchs


Goal 2

In successive and peaceful steps, to establish in Ukraine a regime of direct democracy


Goal 3

To introduce a wide, ramified and effective referendum system – at both a nationwide and local scale – in respect of all and any of topical and sensitive issues of social and public life


Goal 4

To develop a transparent and high-quality electronic voting system for all citizens, who have the right to vote, in order to identify instantly all thoughts and aspirations of the people


Goal 5

To introduce the mechanisms that will enable people to impose a veto over the adopted law


Goal 6

Ukraine needs peace, harmony, mutual respect, a guarantee of the human rights and any national, linguistic, religious and other minorities that together form a united, indivisible Ukraine, with the developed and strong local self-government of territorial communities

Manifesto of Direct Democracy

How the Institute views the model of the people’s participation in the direct management of the State’s and local affairs (Direct democracy)


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